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Useful Links

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What should I be doing with my child at home?

What you are able to do at home will be based on your own capacity and health. Clearly, if there are COVID-19 symptoms in the household, then your priority will be to look after and support each other. If you are having to self-isolate and you do not have any symptoms at home, then you may be able to do more. The key message from us is that you should do as much as you are able to - given your family circumstances. Even if you can only manage a small amount of school-related work each day, then this is a great start.



If a whole class 'bubble' is self-isolating

If a whole class 'bubble' or even year group have to self-isolate, then we will be using Google Classroom to provide you with lesson plans and resources. There will be links each day and we will make this as simple to follow as we possibly can - as we know that parents will have to juggle this at home with their own routines. Teachers will also (subject to their own health) be online at given times each day to talk to the children face to face. This will be done via Google Meet and will be done in the confines of our @cvjs domain, ensuring that only members of CVJS can access this resource.


Click the button below for our CVJS Parents' Guide to Google Classroom:



If you are off school as an individual

If you are at home as an individual, then please use the resources below as a guide. If you are in doubt, or have any questions about what you are being asked to do, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to help out. Work can be done on paper or using an electronic device. It can be submitted via Google Classroom too.



Time Activity Notes
9.00am Prepare for the day Tidy away after breakfast, wash up, make your bed, help with any chores and get ready for school work.
9.30am Maths Use the links on the year group pages (or look on Google Classroom) for today’s White Rose maths lesson. There will be a video link and a worksheet for you to use. 
10.30am Break / Playtime
11.00am English Go to Oak Academy for a daily English lesson (click here). If you’ve done something like this before, you can try Pobble instead (click here). You can do both if you like!
12.00pm Lunch / Break / Playtime
1.00pm Topic Work Use the Oak Academy resources for a lesson about something new (click here). You can also look at the school topic webs (on this page) for reminders about what you’ve been doing at school. You can do some research about these topics too.
2.00pm Exercise / Practical Try a Joe Wicks workout (click here). You could also do some baking, gardening, art work or something else creative. Send us some pictures of what you’ve been doing.
3.00pm End of school day


Click the button below for an overview of the learning taking place this term in your child's class


The spring term overview has been provided to show you what we are learning this term. This is a reminder and a good place to start when thinking about what to do at home.  You could use these ideas, if you wish, to research specific topics and subjects in more detail. See information below for work that can be completed at home.



There are 3 great choices for you to use for daily English lessons. Have a look at each of them and see which one your child would prefer to do. If you are unsure, please just email us at and we will give you a suggestion.



One of the simplest ways to do some English work at home is to use a resource called Pobble. It is really easy to use - but very effective as a teaching and learning tool. There is a new picture every day. This picture is used as a basis for the day's work in English. There are questions to ask, sentences to write and stories or other extended writing to do. A FAB resource to be used at home as a daily English lesson. Children can hand write their responses on paper or use a device to type their work. This can then be handed in on their return or sent via Google Classroom to their teacher.



  Oak Academy      

Endorsed by the Department for Education, this free resource provides over 10,000 lessons for children in schools. It has been specifically designed to help those children who are having to work from home. Simply click on your child's year group and then you can take part in the day's lessons. As with Pobble, work can be written or typed and then sent to your child's teacher via Google Classroom or simply via email to 



  BBC Bitesize      

Schools have been using this resource for many years. Simply click on your child's year group and then you can do some lessons from the choices for that day. Although we would suggest one English, one maths and one topic lesson per day, you can have a go at as many as you like. Send any work to us so we can celebrate what your child has been doing at home. 



At CVJS, we use a maths resource in our lessons called White Rose. Each year group has a plan that all classes follow. 


During the autumn term, the Year 4 team have planned 3 key blocks of work:

  Block 1: Multiplication and division

  Block 2: Area

  Block 3: Fractions

  Block 4: Decimals


Although the links above provide an overview of each block, we can send you links to White Rose lessons that can be used each day. The links each contain a teaching video and a worksheet or activity for each day of the week.


For some warm-up activities, try these ArithmeQuiz online activities. There's no need to write down the answers as they are designed to be used for quick-fire questions. For each quiz, there are multiple questions for each type of calculation.....thousands of mental maths questions at your fingertips!

  ArithmeQuiz 1

  ArithmeQuiz 2

  ArithmeQuiz 3



We suggest that you have a look at Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize for some great lessons, activities and online games linked to each of our autumn term topics.


  Oak Academy      

Click on this link for some great topic lessons. Any work that is completed can be written or typed and then sent to your child's teacher via Google Classroom or simply via email at 



  BBC Bitesize      

Lots of ideas, activities and games to use. Simply click on your child's year group and then you can do some lessons from the choices for that day. Send any work to us so we can celebrate what your child has been doing at home. 




The following plans can be used to provide a structure to your weekly work at home. There are online and offline activities that you can do with your child. The work can be recorded on paper or on Google Classroom or simply done verbally. They can be used as a guide, so please do not worry if you can't get through all of the work. They are designed to be used with children in two different year groups.


 These are ready-made weekly plans that guide you through a series of lessons. They are all linked to a particular topic, but not necessarily our CVJS topics. These are great if you just want your child to be able to work through some lessons with resources already prepared for you.


   Y3/4 Learning Project (Under The Sea)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Sport)  

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Viewpoints)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Famous Significant People)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Animals)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Around The World)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Music)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Transport)

   Y3/4 Learning Project (Food)



Online learning platforms 

The links below will take you to the web pages for these online resources. Some are free to use, whereas others require a username and password. If your child can't remember their details, please contact your child's teacher via Google Classroom and they will be able to help you out.


Google Classroom 

You can use Google Classroom to upload work and to keep in touch with your teachers. If you've forgotten your username, it is the first 4 letters of your first name, the first letter of your surname and the year that you will leave CVJS - followed by

(The year for Y6 is 21, for Y5 it is 22, for Y4 it is 23 and for Y3 it is 24).

So, Santa Claus in Year 3 would be

If you have forgotten your password, please email and we can reset it for you.


Times Table Rockstars 

All pupils at CVJS have free access to this maths website. You can download it as an APP too. All pupils at CVJS have their own usernames and passwords. If you have forgotten your password, please email and we can reset it for you.



 This is a fabulous resource to teach the children all about computer coding. Just go to the 'log in' button and enter username student14049 and password cvjs1234


Other resources

The workbook below has a whopping 104 pages! It has a range of activities that can be completed independently by children at home. The answer booklet (a mere 4 pages!) is included too. It is aimed at KS2 - so can be used by all children from Year 3 to Year 6.

KS2 Workbook                    Answer booklet

 E-Safety (for children)      E-Safety (for adults)

BBC Dance Mat (Touch typing)

Jo Wicks daily PE lessons (via YouTube)

CVJS Home Learning website (A range of online learning resources)

Home Learning resources (A HUGE bank of online resources covering all subjects)