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Useful Links

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Helping Your Child At Home

The following guides have been provided to give you some further information about some key curriculum areas and how you can support your child at home. During the year, we will be holding information meetings, presentations and drop-in sessions to give you a greater understanding of the curriculum here at CVJS and how you can support your child in their learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further support, ideas or guideance in any curriculum area. For specific subject help, contact our CVJS subject co-ordinators. To find out who they are, click the link below;

  CVJS Curriculum Leaders

  Helping Your Child At Home - Presentation

  A Guide To Reading At CVJS

  Reading Prompt Sheet

  Suggested Reading List Year 3

  Suggested Reading List Year 4

  Suggested Reading List Year 5

  Suggested Reading List Year 6

  Useful English resource websites

  English Glossary

  Helping Your Child With Maths

  CVJS Science Curriculum

  Helping Your Child With Science